Bill Gates And The Rock Announced The Xbox 19 Years Ago — Watch The Video

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Bill Gates And The Rock Announced The Xbox 19 Years Ago

Today is a very memorable day for Xbox. 19 years ago today on January 6, 2001, Microsoft revealed the first Xbox during CES 2001. It’s as good a time as ever to watch the fun and cringe-y announcement from all those years ago.

To show off the OG Xbox, Microsoft got wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who at this time was not the bankable movie star that he is today. The announcement is a treat, as Microsoft founder Bill Gates repeatedly refers to him as “Rock” instead of “The Rock,” while the wrestler truly revealed his acting skills reading the teleprompter.

Here’s what The Rock had to say about the Xbox:

“The Xbox is everything The Rock is. Cutting-edge, powerful, exhilarating, and like The Rock, it will be the most electrifying thing coming out this year. What The Rock is to sports entertainment to the WWF, the Xbox will be to the video game industry: a breakthrough and certainly an original. The Rock doesn’t impress easily–you know that, Bill. But I’m pretty damn impressed with what we’re seeing here today.”

The original Xbox was 32-bit 722 MHz processor, went on to release in November 2001. Thanks in part to its release game Halo: Combat Evolved, the Xbox was a hit that built an entirely new business unit within Microsoft, which at the time did not have a gaming footprint beyond the PC.


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