Bill Gates Uses An Android Phone

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Bill Gates

You would think that Microsoft co-founder and ex-CEO Bill Gates would use a smartphone powered by his company’s own platform. Nope. Bill Gates has switched to using an Android smartphone now. It just seems weird for Bill to be using an Android phone, instead of Windows Phone or an Apple.

Gates himself confirmed this news during an interview on Fox News. Gates also added that this smartphone has “lots of Microsoft software” on it. So that’s cool. You knew he wouldn’t completely ignore Microsoft after all. It’s in his blood.

Gates didn’t reveal exactly which Android smartphone he’s using, so we don’t know if it’s a Samsung flagship or another model from the assortment of Android OEMs. Since his Android smartphone has a lot of Microsoft software on it, maybe it’s the Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition. Come on Bill, we want to know. Tell us.

We can’t help but question if this means that one day we might see an iPhone in his hand. maybe not. iPhones and iPods were banned at his home and there appears to be no change there as far as we can tell.

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