Bingo: An Old Game Revived

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Bingo is back with a bang! The game that skyrocketed to popularity in the 1950’s had begun to lose favor with the public in recent years. It started to become viewed as a game for older people, played in dusty old halls and community centers. It was perhaps the only gambling game you could play in broad daylight without invoking side glances from those still drinking their morning coffees.

But with the influx of online gaming, bingo is being brought back into the 21st century. Sites such as 888 Ladies Bingo have boomed in popularity and now people can’t get enough. Now that you can play bingo online and on your phone, you never have to worry about missing a game again!

This movement online has taken bingo out of the old bingo halls and into the modern age. And with it, a whole new audience! Online gaming has brought in the interest of younger audiences and will ensure the perseverance of the great bingo game.


History of bingo

Bingo can be traced back as far as the 1500s in Italy. Back then, it was called ‘Il Guioco del Lotto d’Italia’ which loosely translates to ‘The Clearance of The Lot of Italy’. During its fruition, it was more akin to the national lottery that we know now. It was also only really played by the most elite and powerful people – as they had the money to play.

Then with the invention of the national lottery we all know and love today, bingo had to find its own way. During World War I, troops would play a game called Housey Housey. The rules are the exact same as the bingo we know today but by 1929, the name Bingo was adopted instead.


Bingo in decline

The Betting and Gaming act of 1963 finally allowed commercial bingo halls to be built and with that, the surge of popularity started.

Once it was allowed, there was a bingo hall seemingly on every corner. People young and old would make a night of it and it was a highly sociable event. Before smartphones or even before people had more than one landline phone in the house, bingo used to be one of the only ways to socialize with friends.

By 1986, the National Bingo Game was legalized and bingo was even more popular than before. But with more and more people having access to televisions, there was less need for entertainment outside the home. In the 90s, arcades also started gaining popularity so there the market became more saturated with different gaming options.

The real rapid decline however happened as the noughties started and smoking inside started to be banned. This was the final nail in the coffin for bingo halls and it looked like they were going to disappear altogether.


The bingo revamp

Then the internet came to the rescue of this once well-loved game. In 2005, online betting was legalized and this breathed new life into the gaming industry. In fact, the whole gaming industry benefitted from this legalization as people no longer had to rely on casinos for their gaming fix. These are just a few ways in which the bingo (and gaming industry in general) has benefitted from the move online.

  • Convenience – it’s so much easier to play a game of bingo when you don’t have to think about traveling to a hall. Even if you’re playing with friends, you can now do this so much easier online. You could even play with pals abroad as there’s no need to travel anywhere!
  • Promotions & prizes – lots of apps are free to use which is great for those who are playing more for fun than anything else. There are also a lot more promotions to get your hands on when playing online or on an app as well as prizes to be won.
  • Variety – when you’re at bingo in real life, there’s only one option when you’re playing. But with all the different apps and sites around, it’s easy to find something a bit different. And if you’re bored with one game, you can simply move on to another!


Rise in bingo events

It’s not just online that bingo has gotten a revamp. There are still people out there who love to play the game in real life – but reject the bingo halls of years gone by.

Bingo events have risen in popularity again – but these are possibly less about the bingo and more about the entertainment that comes with them. Bottomless brunches have seen a surge in popularity in recent years and the competition is fierce. This is why a lot of bottomless brunches have added in entertainment.

Drag queens are now the most sought-after hosts providing a barrel of laughs alongside the brunch. Games are often served as a side dish and one of the most popular games is bingo. The noisy bingo halls of yesteryear that were filled with an aging audience have been swapped out for Gen Z and millennials.

This new generation love to do anything that’s a bit different and if there’s bottomless prosecco involved then all the better! Bingo is seen as a less serious game that doesn’t require any gambling skills or even that much concentration and it’s proved to be a huge hit with this demographic.

The world of online bingo is your oyster and there’s something for everyone. At 888Ladies Bingo, you have a vast array of games to choose from – why not try it out today?

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