Bingo Does It Better: How Online Industries Can Create Their Own Happy Hour

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The online world is immensely competitive. Irrespective of the specific industry you operate in, it’s difficult to stand out. Everyone is vying to provide the best service, the cheapest goods, the highest quality experience…

The list of ways for you to try and differentiate yourself is endless, and no matter which one you choose, you’re always going to face competition. That’s why so many companies fall back on special offers and promotions to set themselves apart.

But most of these have already been run time and again by your competitors. If you want to search for something new and interesting, you might have to look outside of your industry to find a novel way to entice your customers in.

Enter bingo and its latest happy hour promotions.


How it works

‘Happy hour’ is a term we’re all familiar with. Coined by the hospitality industry, it’s long been offered by bars, pubs, and clubs. Typically, it equates to discounts on alcohol, whether in the form of free appetizers or reduced-price menu items.

Of late, however, another industry has borrowed the term and used its many marketing perks to its advantage, but during happy hour, the rules are a little bit different.

That’s because, between 7 pm and 10 pm, happy hour arrives and transforms the site’s online offerings. This equates to bigger prizes, better features, buy-one-get-one-free games, and even free bingo for a lucky few.

So, how and why is this approach more effective than standard promotions? Well, it’s cleverly done! Ordinary special offers tend to be quite open-ended. While they run for a finite length of time, this is usually a period of weeks or even months. There’s no pressure on consumers to take instant advantage, so they’re free to put any purchasing decisions on the backburner.

The downside to this is that no matter how attractive your offer might be, as discusses, a good proportion of those who see it will go away to have a think and then forget it exists. There’s no onus on them to act immediately, so they simply don’t.

Happy hour offers, on the other hand, run for a very short time, so if one wants to take advantage, they must do so immediately. This means instant results and higher consumer uptake.


Is happy hour suitable for my industry?

While all industries are different, this happy hour model will work for most. Whether you’re selling board games, an in-app purchase, or video offerings, you can adapt this to your business by running attractive promotions for a limited time only.

The key takeaway here is to create a sense of time pressure: to make it eminently clear that if your purchasers do not take advantage, they miss out entirely.

It’s okay to maintain a sense of mystery too: to not make it clear what the reward is until your potential purchaser is already on site. Again, this is a good way of luring them in and enticing them one step closer to the eventual point of sale.

When it comes to the latest online bingo trend, it’s fair to say that there are some valuable lessons for other industries to learn from and adapt for their own ends. Will you be one of the clever few who takes advantage?

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