Biolite PizzaDome Make Pizzas And Charges Your Phone At The Same Time

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Biolite PizzaDome

New addition of Biolite range is launched and it is called Biolite PizzaDome. It is available to purchase as a separate piece which can be added to already existing Basecamp wood fire oven or can be purchased as part of the PizzaDome BaseCamp Bundle.

Check out the video below to learn more about the new PizzaDome and how it can allow you to easily cook and charge your devices using the power of fire.

Cook up pizzas, flatbreads, and other favorites with this three-piece system designed exclusively for the BaseCamp Stove. An integrated thermometer monitors your temperatures while the foodsafe ceramic stone keeps foods crisp and evenly cooked. A modular system, you can use the dome separately as a traditional lid for concentrated heat and faster cook times. BaseCamp sold separately.

It is currently available as a special offer allowing you to save $70 off the $369.95 retail price until 28th June 2016.


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