BIOMUTANT Gets a new 9-Minute Gameplay Trailer

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Experiment 101 team is still working on the game and was trying to make it the best game for players.

now after 4 months, we got almost ten minutes of gameplay footage from the publisher THQ Nordic and it looks like Experiment 101 has been working hard at it.

We are waiting for the game and how it would look since there has been silence for so long, and there is a lot to look for in the trailer. Monstrous creatures wandering through vast landscapes. Frenetic melee battle combined with big guns. Big buildings, exotic creatures, and mounts. This trailer is completely packed with visual details.

Submarines, airships, mechs. It’s like a developer just kept on jamming the game with stuff and the rest of the team said okay. It’s overwhelming, which is maybe what Experiment 101 was going for after months of speculation and after the delayed-release.

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