BioShock 3 Will Be Announced Soon!

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BioShock: The Collection

Last BioShock game was released back in 2013 when 2K Games released BioShock Infinite. It was not a sequel to BioShock 2, but it was based in the same universe and gave up a similar playstyle to the players. However, the great news is that if you’re looking forward to a straight sequel to BioShock 2, and you will be hearing some sort of announcement or the trailer soon.

According to Take-Two Interactive, which is the parent company of 2K Games, during the company’s earnings call, CEO Strauss Zelnick teased that they could be revealing BioShock 3 in the imminent future. Zelnick was quoted as saying that gamers could anticipate “sequels from our biggest franchises as well as exciting new IP”.

While there is no straightforward mention of BioShock 3, but it makes sense. Back in 2015, 2K reassured fans that BioShock would be a continuing franchise so playeeres don’t need to worry about the company ignoring or leaving it. Now it all makes sense.

There was also a report from 2018 that suggested that a new BioShock game was already in progress. Hopefully, it will be made official soon. Fans of this franchise are waiting. it’s been a long time.

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