BioWare Released The Teasers for DRAGON AGE and MASS EFFECT Games

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At The Game Awards, BioWare made some huge announcements. The first announcement was a new teaser trailer for the awesome Dragon Age. It’s essential to note that the footage you will see in the trailer is not gameplay footage, but it still looks brilliant! I am super pumped for this game. There’s no word when the game will be actually released, but we have recognized Brian Bloom’s voice as he coming back to his role of Varric.

The second big announcement is another video that BioWare released was for a new Mass Effect game. I actually like this game franchise and am already excited to revisit the games via Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in Spring 2021. Now we can see a glimpse of what’s in store for us. We see a lot of wreckage including a mass relay that seems to have been destroyed and distress calls before we end up on a planet with snow all over and someone found an N7 emblem.



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