BIRD AND CAGE Final Teaser Trailer Released

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The music-focused, narrative game will be released this week, Capricia Productions has been preparing up with various teaser trailers. With the release date on May 20th on Steam, All In! Games have also been releasing some exciting information for their partnered team’s game, Of Bird and Cage. From both the released information and these latest teaser trailers, this game looks exciting. 

You will play Gitta Barbot, a 25-year-old drug addict girl who attempts to escape from the physical and mental prison of her captor — a man called Bres Lupus. Undergoing Gitta’s life from her childhood to the present day, you will have to make decisions that will have terrible consequences, and watch how your actions expose new paths while trying to keep your sanity.

This game is a two-hour-long symphonic metal album in the design of a new, fresh interactive experience. While you will be making judgments that will lead Gitta to various endings, keep in mind that the world is completely synced with its soundtrack, so the time to act will be always limited to the time of each song. Plus, check out the list of featured artists in this game.

  • Kobra Paige (Kobra and the Lotus)

  • Davidavi ‘Vidi’ Dolev (Gunned Down Horses)

  • Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (ex-Guns N’ Roses)

  • Rob van der Loo (Epica)

  • Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation)

  • Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria)

  • Casey Grillo (ex-Kamelot)

  • Rocky Gray (ex-Evanescence)

  • Mike Lepond (Symphony X)

  • Tina Guo

  • Snowy Shaw (ex-King Diamond, ex-Therion)

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