Bitcoin Betting On Esports: Is It Worth It?

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As people become open to the use of digital assets, more people start to invest in crypto and enjoy its massive potential. As the most popular and the most valuable crypto, it is no longer surprising to know that Bitcoin has grown a lot in the past few years.

Aside from being an investment, players have also incorporated the use of BTC in entertainment. Among these are using them to place bets for their favorite esports events across different online sites.

The esports scene continues to thrive as the competitions keep getting bigger and as the competing teams and players keep on getting better. This makes the competitions more worthy of being betted on.

With websites like Bitcasino, fans are given the chance to root for their favorites with their Bitcoin. Sites like this provide impressive odds that fans can use as reference when betting on teams or players which they think have the most potential to win. There are several reasons why fans use BTCs to place their eSport bets and here are some of them.


Faster transactions

One of the factors players love most about betting with BTC is their increased speed when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals. This factor makes it more convenient for bettors to handle the credits on their accounts. Unlike when making deposits and withdrawals with fiat, BTC transactions can be completed within a few minutes.

The speed doesn’t compromise the quality of the transmissions as BTC ensures efficiency.


Better security

Betting is risky if not done carefully. Although each site has its safety measures for protecting its players, it’s still better if the payment method is safe. Betting with BTC is safe because crypto is encrypted with a special technique that etches all transactions into the blockchain. Its special technology also protects the information of its users.

Another factor that increases the safety of esports betting with BTC is that it can be done anonymously. This is unlike fiat where a lot of details have to be disclosed before being completed. As a decentralized asset, players will not have to worry about having their BTC transactions reflected on their bank statements.


Bigger prizes

The prizes won with BTC betting are usually bigger compared to betting with fiat. With the massive potential of BTC that drives its continuous growth in the market, players can expect their winnings to be valued more after some time.

These prizes can either be kept on a player’s betting account or transferred back to their crypto wallets. The key to making the prizes bigger is being patient enough to wait for BTC to be more valuable.


Is it worth it?

Betting on esports with BTC is worthy because of its countless advantages. By doing it on sites like Bitcasino, players are guaranteed to have a smooth betting experience as they root for their favorite teams. When they know the safety of using BTC, they can surely enjoy placing more bets.

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