Black Ops Cold War: All 10 Playable Arcade Machines Secret Locations

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Black Ops Cold War All 10 Playable Arcade Machines Secret Locations

Activision did a lot of work with the campaign for Black Ops Cold War, and one of the rewards you can open are 10 retro Activision games from the company’s long lost past. They’re very easy games, so you only need a few buttons and a quick tutorial to play them but they are loads of fun. Usually, it’s just the directional keys and a single button to shoot, jump.

To unlock the games for good, you only need to find them once in the game — then you can go back and play whenever you want from the arcade machine in your safehouse. The safehouse has a secret room in the back that can be reached with a hidden code. You can solve the puzzle, or just put the code [112263] and open the door yourself.

Whenever you communicate with an arcade machine, you’ll open the corresponding retro game to play in your secret room, in the back of the safehouse. And you can play these games by reloading any safehouse chapter.

  • Pitfall II: Lost Caverns: CIA Safehouse E9 – Unlock the door with the code 112263 to access the arcade machine in your German safe house. Using this arcade machine always opens Pitfall II.
  • Enduro: Brick In The Wall – It can be found in the backroom of the electronics store before you get into Kraus’s apartment.
  • Barnstorming: Redlight, Greenlight – In the arcade when you first enter the training area.
    • Pitfall: Redlight, Greenlight – Also located in the arcade.
    • River Raid: Redlight, Greenlight – In the very arcade.
    • Grand Prix: Redlight, Greenlight – In the very arcade.
    • Fishing Derby: Redlight, Greenlight – In the very arcade.
  • Boxing: Break On Through – Don’t listen to Adler during the mission. Reach the third reset, and go to the left path — it’s near the bridge, left of the zip-line. It’s on the mountain, making this one of the most difficult to find.
  • Kaboom!: Break On Through – After the third scenario, you’ll get stuck in the laboratory hallway. After getting an injection, the door will move as you get closer. Be on the lookout for a darkened room on your left in the hall. Go into it and get the arcade machine before moving on.
  • Chopper Command: Break On Through – The last arcade machine is when you’re stuck in an endless loop near the end of the mission. You’ll keep going in a circle — if you keep moving in a loop, you’ll finally find an open door and you will get the last game.

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