‘Black Panther’ Game Officially In Development At New EA Studio

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Black Panther

Approximately one year ago, reports began circulating, suggesting that Electronic Arts (EA) might be in the early stages of developing a Black Panther video game. Now, the news has been officially confirmed! The game is currently being developed by a newly established EA studio called Cliffhanger Games, and it promises to deliver a captivating third-person, single-player experience.

In a recent press release, Kevin Stephens, a representative from Cliffhanger Games, shared some exciting details about the upcoming Black Panther game. Stephens expressed the studio’s unwavering dedication to providing fans with an authentic and definitive Black Panther experience. He emphasized their commitment to granting players unprecedented agency and control over their narrative, setting a new standard for story-driven video games. According to Stephens, Wakanda, the fictional African nation that serves as the backdrop for Black Panther’s adventures, will be meticulously crafted to create a rich and immersive superhero sandbox. The development team’s overarching mission is to construct an epic world that caters to players who hold a deep love for Black Panther and possess a burning desire to explore every corner of the captivating Wakandan realm.

What’s truly promising about this venture is the team behind the game. Cliffhanger Games has assembled a group of seasoned veterans, boasting extensive experience working on renowned titles such as Call of Duty, God of War, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, and even Halo Infinite. With such an accomplished lineup, it’s evident that the Black Panther game is in capable and talented hands.

While specific details regarding the gameplay and storyline remain under wraps, enthusiasts of the Black Panther franchise eagerly await further updates. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that fans hope for the game to be available on the highly anticipated Xbox Series X and Series S consoles upon their launch.

The forthcoming Black Panther game holds tremendous potential to transport players into an awe-inspiring world where they can embody the legendary superhero and unravel an enthralling narrative set within the vibrant and technologically advanced nation of Wakanda. As the development process unfolds, it’s certain that fans will be treated to a gaming experience unlike any other, where they can fully immerse themselves in the captivating universe of Black Panther.

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