Black Panther is Available on Xbox One

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Black Panther is another one of the superheroes from Marvel Comics and with the new release of the movie and the glowing reviews, it becomes clear that Black Panther and other Marvel character should be the basis of new and exciting video games. Many of these characters are featured in other types of games, including slots that can be played at Casumo Casino, but as of now, Black Panther has not made it to the gaming stage. For gamers, the success of the film leaves many hopes that a new video game will be created and that may actually be a possibility. The writer of Rise of the Black Panther has shown interest in being part of a new and exciting Black Panther video game, however, this just talks and no specific plans have been put in place.

Xbox One Offers Limited Black Panther Version

The Xbox One is one of the best and most powerful gaming consoles to ever be created and it has been the cream of the crop since it was introduced. Now, Microsoft is making things even more exciting for Xbox One fans with an exclusive and unique version of the Black Panther Xbox One that can be won. Only five of these unique consoles have been made and it is one of the hottest items on people’s wish list. In addition to the console, the package will also include two limited Black Panther controllers as well as a great 4K version of the movie. With a total value of over $600, this is one of the hottest giveaways ever.

To be a winner, one will have to enter a sweep that is attracting the attention of millions from around the world. At the Black Panther Xbox sweepstakes page, one can enter their name into the drawing and five lucky winners will be randomly selected to be the owner of this amazing console. The drawing is open to residents of the United States and Canada only and entrants must be at least 13 years of age to legally enter and win. The contest is still open and will end on May 29, so there is still time to enter to be the winner of this amazing offer.

Black Panther is a Box Office Hit

Black Panther is one of the newest and hottest movies in theaters today and even before it hit the screens in local theaters, it was making strides at the box office. This exciting Marvel movie recorded the highest amount of pre-order ticket sales for any movie that has ever featured a superhero. Now, just over a month after the release of the film, it has made over $1 billion! This makes Black Panther one of five Marvel movies to hit that billion-dollar milestone, along with Iron Man 3, Captain America: Civil War, The Avengers, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. While sales will start to dwindle as newer movies are released, it just goes to show that millions are still fans of Marvel Comics, even those that feature lesser-known characters like Black Panther.

With this astonishing success, the movie has been enjoyed by millions of viewers, many of who are also avid gamers. With the exciting storyline and thrilling characters, this movie is definitely a prime choice to be made into a video game. At this time, there is nothing in the works, but with the Xbox One limited edition console being given away, that may just be the motivation developers need to start working on the design of a video game that will fully feature the Black Panther character.



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