Black Panther Open-World Video Game is in Development

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Black Panther

Black Panther has been in a few great video games like Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and Marvel’s Avengers, but he has yet to star as a lead in his own game. However, that’s about to change in a recent report that alleges that a Black Panther video game is in the works.

Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, a noted insider, claimed as much on his Game Mess show. Grubb said the video game project will be an open-world single-player game that starts with the last Black Panther being dead, a role players then have to fill as the title progresses.

“It is a single-player game,” said Grubb. “It is in very early development. And the game starts with Black Panther being dead and the player is going to take on the challenges of becoming the new Black Panther and that seems to be the setup for the game.”

It is reportedly called “Project Rainier” and is likely in the early stages of development at Electronic Arts’ new studio helmed by industry veteran Kevin Stephens.

Stephens also stated when setting up the team in 2019 that he was looking to develop an open-world action-adventure game in the Seattle area, two other descriptors that match Grubb’s claims. The title’s alleged codename, according to Grubb, could be a reference to Mount Rainier, which is south of Seattle and likely somewhat close to the studio. Samantha Ryan, who worked on many of the same titles, also joined the team in those early days. Ryan said at the time that the “action-adventure space is a hugely important genre,” a genre that this alleged Black Panther game would likely fall into.

Electronic Arts have not confirmed this game. But if true, it would be another great Marvel game in development.

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