BlackBerry Unveils New Square Phone Called The BlackBerry Passport

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BlackBerry Passport

This can be considered as an attempt by BlackBerry to stand out in the crowd while bringing innovation to the smartphone industry. The BlackBerry Passport will come with a full HD 4.5” screen that is square and will present a viewing space comparable to that of a 5” screen phone. However, it is the viewing ‘experience’ that will be enhanced greatly.

John Chen, Boss of BlackBerry, first released the device back in June along with the company’s quarterly earnings report. The project was originally known as Windermere and it was told by Chen that the Passport would be announced officially in London in September. Matt Young disclosed further details on the “Inside BlackBerry” blog yesterday and compared the Passport to the IMAX movies screens and their resolutions of 16:9 while saying that; ‘The Passport is like the IMAX of productivity, and you don’t have to sacrifice screen real estate, vertically or horizontally.’

BlackBerry Passport

It has been concluded after a number of researchers that optimal number of characters per line for a book is 66, however, the rectangular smartphones are only capable of displaying 40 characters and that is why the Passport, which is capable of showing 60 characters per line, will greatly enhance the reading experience while diminishing the need for switching between views; portrait and landscape mode. BlackBerry officials have stated that the rectangular design is ingenious, but they also stated that they’re afraid it is limiting innovations.

BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry has named this model as the Passport because they believe that this smartphone will allow you to open new doors of opportunity just like an actual passport does. However, no information has been released about whether holding this phone will be comfortable or what is the price. However, one thing is apparent; this phone is directed towards business consumers rather than youngsters. Mr. Young concludes the blog post by saying; ‘The BlackBerry Passport will take you to new places on the best business trip you’ve ever had. We want you to imagine the possibilities.’


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