Blackbird Shape-Shifting Vehicle Which Is Used In Car Commercials

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Blackbird Shape-Shifting Vehicle

AD agencies must work unbelievably hard to shoot the perfect car commercials, That is what we all think but that is not true. They’re cheating, and they’re using this unassuming black EV to do it.

This minimalist ride is the Blackbird, and it’s a master of impersonation. It was created by the automotive enthusiasts at The Mill, and they’ve been using it to create reels of “immaculate and photo-real CG cars” for just about every brand that slaps an emblem on a vehicle.

Blackbird Shape-Shifting Vehicle

How does a single car stand-in for everything from a two-door Porsche coupe to a Honda Ridgeline to a four-door Scion compact? It’s more than just really impressive CG that makes it happen.

Why would an automaker want The Mill to use the Blackbird instead of their actual car? There are plenty of good reasons, and secrecy is a big one. Work on ad campaigns often starts before designs are finalized. Shooting with the Blackbird means that the look can be tweaked by CG artists to match the real thing when it’s time for the big premier.

It’s also not easy to keep auto journalists from sneaking covert shots of new vehicles before they’re unveiled. With the Blackbird on the open road, all that’s revealed is that someone is shooting an ad for a car. Or a truck. Or a minivan. It keeps the element of surprise in play. Just shoot with the Blackbird and clean it up in the post, as they did in these ads for Nissan, Mercedes, Scion, Toyota, Chevy.

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