Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Why You Should Build Your Own Gaming PC

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Do you feel unsure about whether to purchase a pre-built computer or build your own gaming PC system?

Putting some effort into building a new computer is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. If you know how to use a screwdriver and are able to follow instructions, you are probably well up to the task.

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to build your own PC from the parts you already have. This article will outline the benefits of building your own gaming PC so that you can make up your mind whether to opt for a pre-built model or build one yourself. Also provided are tips to make sure your new machine performs certain tasks optimally.


  1. Building your own machine from scratch means easier upgrades – This allows you to have a better insight into how your system is built, where each part goes, how it is installed, and how it can be replaced. Consumers who purchase a pre-built system may acquire it with a certain discount but will have a more difficult time upgrading the existing components. Since many users have never built a PC from different components themselves, the idea of replacing or adding a new part may seem rather daunting. However, if they are still determined to proceed with the upgrade, they will have to hire the services of someone else, which will, in turn, increase the cost of the system.


  1. Building your own PC reduces the final cost of the system – Having the knowledge and skills to build your own PC will, in turn, reduce the cost of the machine in comparison to a pre-built system. This also means that the machine you create will better serve your specific performance requirements.


A basic PC for mainly Internet use may cost you as low as $400 and will be perfect for browsing the web, sending emails, or streaming videos.  If you are not planning to use the machine for anything else, there won’t be a need to spend extra money on it. However, should you require the PC to run the latest games, you may need to spend several times that amount. In many cases, even a graphics card exceeds the quoted sum of money. Users who require monitors with high resolutions and refresh rates for modern gaming will definitely need to spend more and should consider acquiring the best gaming PC components.

No matter which system you aim for, deciding to build your own machine from different components that better serve your particular requirements can lower the final cost of the system.


  1. By creating your own PC, you acquire new skills – Nowadays, computers are used everywhere. They are used to perform various kinds of tasks and for different kinds of work, like graphic design and for entertainment purposes, like gaming. So it stands to reason that a good understanding of how these machines work and how they are put up together can go a long way. If in the future you run into a problem with your computer, you will be more likely to determine what has caused it and ultimately be able to fix it, if you have built the machine yourself. The ability to build a computer is a valuable skill that will benefit you on many occasions throughout your life and end up saving you time and money. This gives you a clear advantage over those who do not possess these skills.


  1. You have the option to install a better cooling system – Since the pre-built systems are put together on an assembly line, their components are usually crammed together in a tight space, limiting the airflow. This often makes them inefficient for gaming.


When you build a PC, you will choose a case, which allows you to pick one with more slots to install fans, as well as more options for cable management. Having a better cooling system allows you to save money in the long run by preserving the health of your components.


  1. You don’t need tech support – Instead, you will become the support. When you purchase a pre-built machine from a computer store, the technical support is limited to the system you bought and the support the retailer can offer for it. Sometimes you will have to leave your machine with them for hours or days only to find out that they either have difficulties identifying the problem or are not able to fix it. This could be quite frustrating. However, by building your own PC, you can bypass this problem. You’re your own technical support after all.

gaming PC

While it is true that you take up more responsibility when building your own machine, you will learn how to fix hardware-related problems and are better able to understand the inner workings of your PC.

Building your own PC means that you’ll be able to fix common computer-related problems faster and more efficiently than most consumers.


  1. You have the option to install higher quality components – Parts from pre-built, store-bought PCs are not always the best. It is often the case that big names in the computer industry use low-quality components in their pre-built machines for power supplies, hard drives, optical drives, RAM, and other components. This is in order to lower the cost of the system, sweeten the deal for the consumer, and maximize their profits. On the other hand, should you choose to go for a custom-built, you could opt for only high-quality components.


  1. Get a better warranty – If you acquire a PC from a retailer, it usually has a one-year warranty. While it covers the entire computer, should something go wrong or a certain part malfunctions, you will need to send the entire machine to a repair shop, effectively leaving you without a machine for the duration of the repair.


On the other hand, if you acquire the parts individually, you will learn that they have individual warranties, usually lasting from 2 to 3 years. If a particular component malfunctions, you can send it back to the computer shop you acquired it from instead of having to wait for the entire machine.

Gaming PC

All in all, individual parts come with extended warranty periods when compared to a pre-built PC.


  1. Remove bloatware – In case you are wondering what bloatware is, know that a computer bought from a retailer comes with a lot of unnecessary pre-installed software that you don’t necessarily need. These slow down your PC and take up unnecessary space on your HD. Usually, this software comes in the form of third-party applications that, while not dangerous, steal resources and slow down the system.


If you build your computer from parts, you will not have to concern yourself with this since you will be installing the software.


  1. Have total control – If you build a PC yourself, you will have total control, which means that you can pick every part for your PC. This will later allow for easier changes to the configuration.

Presently, you may only wish to have a simple configuration, allowing for easy changes to the hardware after a year or two. Later you may decide to play certain games with a higher demand on your hardware, demanding a more powerful processor, a new graphics card, more memory, and so on. Instead of buying a completely new machine, you can simply opt for swapping a few components or adding new components to those you already have installed.


  1. Teach yourself responsibility – If you are a teenager learning how to build a computer or are relatively new to computers, the process of learning how to build a PC will teach you responsibility too. If you are paying for expensive computer parts with your own money, you will learn to value the money more as you will need to calculate the price of each part into the final value of the PC.


  1. Choose an operating system – Pre-built PCs come with a preinstalled operating system. Often, certain systems have glitches. You might even already have an operating system that you feel more comfortable with. Sometimes you may simply want to use your old operating system or not wish to preinstall your software, which could take a lot of time. You can always restore your old HD on your new storage device and skip this entire process.


Deciding to build your own PC means you’re not restricted to a certain operating system or the use of any particular software. You can make up your own mind as to which OS and associated programs suit you best. You will not need to search for particular versions of programs that run under the latest version of Windows, for example.

The process of building a PC part by part is enjoyable and worth the effort. You may stumble on some problems along the way but challenges are part of life and building a PC from scratch is not as difficult as you think.

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