BLOODY ZOMBIES Will Be Available On Switch Soon

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nDreams and Paw Print Games have just announced that their fan favorite and award-winning zombie blaster game, Bloody Zombies, is coming on to Nintendo Switch on December 23, and it will cost you only $14.99.

Bloody Zombies is a zombie brawler that takes place in a London wasteland. Zombies have taken over the city and four survivors must cross through the game’s campaign, killing swarms of zombies in the game to achieve the ultimate goal. The Switch version of the game will feature an expanded multiplayer mode of gameplay, with online and local co-op feature of up to four players on a single Switch, I love this local co-op thing which is not available anymore on the latest gen consoles. In a press release, the developer mentioned that:

“We’re delighted that Bloody Zombies is joining the host of wholesome family-friendly titles, like Skyrim, Doom and LA Noire, hitting the Switch this holiday season.” said David Corless, VP of Publishing, nDreams. “What could make Christmas more festive than helping your Granny take down a seven-foot zombie with a samurai sword, all whilst playing together on your new Switch console?”

Bloody Zombies for the Nintendo Switch lets players fight zombies over 20 diverse environments. The game has also developed its fighting style of combat as it allows players to mix moves and let them create their own “chainable combos”. You can also unlock improved special moves and skills to enhance your zombie-slaying skills and select from 4 playable anti-heroes to play in the game. Choose from Teller, Mick ‘The Brick’, Rei, & Eddie.

Bloody Zombies developer, nDreams together with Paw Print Games promises players a seamless experience for the Switch. The developer was impressed with the console’s hybrid functionality and ensures fans that Bloody Zombies will “feature a full controller and play mode support, allowing players to go from TV to handheld, to tabletop.” 


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