Bluetooth Frying Pan Will Take The Frustration Out Of Cooking

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Bluetooth Frying Pan

Have you ever overcooked an egg when you are getting late for the office and undercooked a chicken breast simply becuase your friends are too eager to eat quickly or totally massacred a seemingly benign grilled cheese sandwich? Well you won’t now, Meet Bluetooth frying pan which senses when your food is done.

Pantelligent is an app-enhanced pan that alerts you when your food is perfectly cooked.

The pan has a central temperature gauge and a Bluetooth-equipped handle that, when it touches your phone, connects to the app. The activated app then shares helpful hints, for example, when the pan is hot enough to add oil or when your steak reaches a medium rare temperature.

The app itself comes loaded with recipes, but it’s easy to make the pan work with your own creations, Now, assuming you enter the proper information in the app, your phone tells you how to cook your food — without a meat thermometer, a taste test or even a cookbook. What a brilliant time to be alive as a bachelor.


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