BMW’s New Safer Side-View Camera System

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BMW's New Safer Side-View Camera System

At, CES 2016 in Las Vegas, BMW unveiled a new side-view camera system that eliminates blind spots and gives smart traffic alerts.

Implemented on a BMW i8, a car which looks something out of TRON, the system took imagery from four cameras around the car, showing it as a single video image on a display where the rear view mirror would be. Result is surprisingly clear and wide panoramic view of traffic to the rear and sides, and with just a little time behind the wheel.

Side-view mirrors have been a standard, and mandated, feature in cars for decades, letting us see if the lanes next to us are clear. However, side mirrors notoriously leave a blind spot, which has caused many accidents.

In the BMW i8 Mirrorless, as the company calls its concept car, the side-view camera system moves from concept to something that could be considered a prototype, as BMW considers it a real possibility for cars of the near future.


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