Bolt Super Small Electric Skateboard

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Bolt Super Small Electric Skateboard

Bolt is a new super small electric skateboard that has been designed by Lorenzo Cella based Milano, Italy.

The small electric skateboard has been named Bolt and has been designed to be the smallest and lightest electric skateboard in the world providing users with an extremely portable versatile vehicle.

Bolt Super Small Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboard that has taken to Indiegogo to raise the $50,000 it requires to make the jump from concept into manufacture.

“We often need a way to move for short everyday trips. But how?  Walking is too slow and time consuming. Most of the time taking the car is cumbersome  and useless because you need to find space for parking.

The bicycle must always be locked and made safe otherwise can be stolen. Even if you use  public transport, you still need a last mile solution small enough to be carried with you everywhere. Today, we are happy to present Bolt, a super portable electric vehicle. It’s not just an electric skateboard. Bolt is something new. It is the smallest electric vehicle in the world.”

Source: Indiegogo

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