Bookmakers eSports Service as Big as Ever

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Going back a decade and getting a bet on any eSports event was an almost impossible task. However, now in 2020 at the start of a new decade, things are different.

The service available for those who like to bet on eSports has never been as big and impressive as it is now.

A number of reasons have aided this change and helped the growth. We have more tournaments available to bet on, new ways to bet and more bookmakers offering odds.

While eSports is still behind big traditional betting sports, there is no doubt it is catching up. The latest additions include live streaming and in-play betting, both of which are incredibly popular with any sport.

If you are looking to join the eSports betting world, this is as good as the service has ever been so far, and only expected to get better in the near future.

Esports-games-contest-match (2)

More Bookmakers Trusting eSports

The number of bookmakers trusting eSports and accepting bets has risen considerably in recent years.

At the start of eSports betting, few bookmakers would offer odds. Now, these have been joined by a lot more as betting on the sport progresses to a new level.

This means more value for those placing bets, with more bookmakers offering odds they have to compete with each other to gain custom.

There is a list of top eSports betting site on freebets.uk for players to view if they are thinking about joining in with the next big eSports betting tournament.

Many bookmakers offer good coverage, so unlike a decade ago when you had one or two bookmakers to choose from, you now have a long list who offers bets.

These additional bookmakers are coming in and pushing the quality up even further.


More Events Covered and More Ways to Bet

When it comes to actually place bets, you now have so much more in front of you to choose from.

With new events created due to the continued rise in popularity of eSports, this means more events for the bookmakers to cover. Gone are the days of only being able to bet on the big events, you can bet on many now.

With regular leagues taking place, we are now in a position where you can place regular bets just like you can in many other sports.

How we bet has also considerably changed. Betting on who would win was the only way to bet a decade ago, but now we have many more markets to use. These include individual battles and map betting on games such as Dota 2.


Live Streaming and In-Play Betting New Additions

Now that the basics are all in place with a large number of bookmakers, we are seeing a variety of other things added to the eSports service. The biggest two of these are live streaming and in-play betting.

With the ability to watch and bet, this is only going to attract more people to eSports. We could see new fans on board because of this, so it is certainly an advantage when bookmakers stream live events.

The only reason we have a live stream is because of in-play betting, so this is something that needs to remain in place, and hopefully grow further in the future.

The addition of these two shows that bookmakers are not only happy to take bets on eSports, but they are also happy to invest time and money into them to aid their service.

Setting up live streaming and betting is not simple, and the fact that we are now seeing this shows just how far things have moved on in a decade.


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