BORDERLANDS 3 DLC 3 Release Date, New Takedown And DLC 4 News Revealed

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In the newest at-home edition of The Borderlands Show, check out the fast recap of how Mayhem 2.0 has affected Borderlands 3 and the balance changes that Gearbox intends to make to it. Importantly, we also got our first look at the next ‘Takedown’ coming to the game soon, and the DLC 3, arriving shortly after. plus, we also got a DLC 4 tease at the end of the show.

The brand new ‘Takedown’ mission, “Takedown at the Guardian Breach”, is another endgame gauntlet featuring tricky puzzles, low-gravity platforming sections, tons of enemies, and of course a big bad “invincible” boss to challenge at the end.


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