BORDERLANDS 3 Release Date And Names Of New Vault Hunters Revealed

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Bordelands 3

Borderlands 3 new information has been revealed including its September 13 release date! Borderlands 3 will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC as a 6-month Epic Game Store exclusive.

Steam fans Epic has stolen another game away for the time being. To celebrate the launch a new teaser has also been released which shows off fare more information than the last.

We can also see that there will be split-screen multiplayer in Borderlands 3, but it will handle 4 player or PC support has yet to be seen. The new trailer also gives us our first decent look at the new vault hunters which will we get to play as.

Moze as THE GUNNER: When Moze needs backup, she digistructs her mech – Iron Bear – for a sucker punch of additional firepower.

Amara as THE SIREN: A confident, capable brawler with the ability to summon ethereal fists, Amara used her Siren powers to smash her enemies.

FL4K as THE BEASTMASTER: FL4K lives for the hunt. So do the loyal beasts that follow their master’s every command. Their preferred prey? Unsuspecting bandits, those poor suckers.

Zane as THE OPERATIVE: Specializing in battlefield gadgetry, Zane is extremely proficient at slipping into combat, creating chaos, and sneaking back out as if he were never there.

Our new heroes will face off against the Calypso Twins who are uniting the bandits to claim ultimate power. Players will be able to use over a billion guns to face this threat so be prepared to loot in one of the 4 different versions of the game that was announced! Yes you did read that right, there are going to be 4 different versions of this game!

First up is the Standard Edition ($59.99) which will include a gold weapon skin & weapon trinket with pre-order.

Next is the Deluxe Edition (79.99) which includes the following bonuses and the gold weapon skins & weapon trinket with pre-order.

Retro Cosmetic Pack: Vault Hunter head & skin, Echo Device skin, weapon skin

Neon Cosmetic Pack: Vault Hunter head & skin, Echo Device skin, weapon trinket

Gearbox Cosmetic Pack: weapon skin, weapon trinket

Toy Box Weapon Pack: 2 Toy guns, Toy Grenade mod, weapon trinket

XP & Loot Drop Boost Mods

Next we have the Super Deluxe Edition ($99.99) which includes the above bonuses plus the following and the gold weapon skins & weapon trinket with pre-order.

Four campaign DLC packs featuring new stories, missions and challenges

Butt Stallion weapon skin, weapon trinket, and grenade mod

Finally there is the Diamond Loot Chest Collector’s Edition ($249.99) which will be exclusive to GameStop and include all of the above bonuses plus a whole slew of extra goodies.

Diamond Loot Chest Replica: Featuring a functional retractable lid, this chest is perfect for storing your real-world loot

Borderlands 3 Character Figurines (x10): Make room on your shelf for the whole crew, including the four new Vault Hunters, the fanatical Calypso Twins, and some of your favorite characters from the Borderlands universe!

Sanctuary 3 Snap Model: Construct your very own Sanctuary 3 model ship and display it proudly on its included stand

Vault Key Keychains (x4): Because you never know when you might stumble across an unopened Vault

Cloth Galaxy Map: Discover new worlds beyond Pandora with Typhon DeLeon’s map of the Borderlands

Character Art Lithographs (x5): Unique character prints starring the new Vault Hunters and fanatical Calypso Twins

Borderlands 3 Steelbook Case: A gorgeous metal case for any collector’s shelf

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