Bose BOSEbuild Built-It-Yourself Speaker Cube

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Bose BOSEbuild

Build and customize your own durable, high-performance Bluetooth speaker!

Everything about the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is carefully designed with kids in mind. The parts are rugged and resilient, and the app-driven construction steps are clear and easy to follow. Cables and connectors are big, bright, and easy to handle. Even the circuit board is clearly labeled.

Bose BOSEbuild

The end result of all this exploration and discovery is a durable, high-performance Bluetooth speaker. Every time your child listens to it, they can enjoy the Bose-quality sound and customizable colored LED lighting. But most importantly, they can feel the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from being able to say, “I built that!”

You can buy one from here.


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