Boss Rush Mode Comes To DEAD CELLS

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The indie studio Motion Twin has once again added some amazing features to their hit from 2018 Dead Cells. It’s always great to see studios keeping their games years after their launch adding new updates and features or growing the game. This is something that Motion Twin and their sister studio Evil Empire have excelled at as Dead Cells has acquired regular updates and additions since its release in 2018.

The latest addition to Dead Cells will be a boss rush mode and will be an entirely free update. When the boss rush is added, players can enter a new area to face off against 3 to 5 bosses back-to-back. Only Bosses the Player has already faced will be available, so no end-game bosses for newbies. Bosses will be selected randomly from three different tiers and correspond to the stage the player is in.

Depending on which stage the current boss rush level is based on you may face more than one boss at a time if that stage would normally have more than one boss. In addition, there are plenty of modifiers and power-ups that can be turned on to make the boss rush even more interesting.

With the new boss rush challenges also come with some amazing new swag, items, and unlocks for those players skilled enough to beat the various boss rushes over and over again. There are new weapons, skills, and mutations available to unlock, one of which is a legendary katana that can be used to block projectiles. There will be 6 new skins and much much more!

Dead Cells’ Boss Rush mode comes on PC on Oct. 5 and on consoles in late October.

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