Boss vs. Leader: The Never-Ending Battle Between Power and Leadership

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Boss vs. Leader

If you’re working and managing a team, your job title won’t get you far ahead. Small and inept leadership usually leads to high turnover and bad performance. In fact, reports exhibit that the most important reason why the majority of the workers quit their jobs is because of a bad boss.

Good bosses motivate their team members and they are a cause of inspiration for the whole team. They help their employees to develop and enhance their skills so that they can take the company to the next well. They always have a profound sense of knowledge as to when they need to control and how to manage, lead or pitch in a discussion. There are many differences between leaders and bosses; right from how they make crucial judgments, manage teams using project management means, collaborate projects between cross-site teams using the cloud, pitch new ideas to customers, handle employee complaints, and in the end appraisals.

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