Bottle Which Can Turn Air Into Water

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Bottle Which Can Turn Air Into Water

Product is currently in development stage and seeking crowdfunding, the Fontus water bottle takes in moisture and turns it into water using a condensation system and solar power. I have no good reason why people are not pulling into invest in this which can save millions of lives around the world.

The unit relies on the airstream of a moving bicycle to help draw air into the system. Austrian creator Kristof Retezár told LiveScience he hopes to raise funding to improve his invention and develop a model that will cost less than $100. The bottle could potentially benefit 1.2 billion people who live in water-scarce areas globally.

Retezár will also have to improve the filtration system, as it currently does not include a purification system, meaning big cities with serious pollution problems won’t benefit as much from the invention. Bottle can’t handle the Chinese smog or Indian road pollution at the moment.

“We’re thinking about making a bottle that also has a carbon filter, and this one would be for cities or areas where you might think the air is contaminated. But originally, this water bottle was thought to be used in nature, and places where you wouldn’t have contaminated air,” the inventor told LiveScience.

Fontus takes its name from the Roman God of wells and springs. If it can get the target amount the bottle will hit the market within months.



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