Boy Battling Cancer Gets an TIE Fighter Wheelchair for Halloween

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TIE Fighter Wheelchair

The talented folks over at Magic Wheelchair made an awesome TIE Fighter wheelchair costume for Daniel Shaughnessy. Daniel is an 8-year-old boy who is battling brain and spinal cancer, and they just wanted to make this Halloween ultra special for him. This is the most coolest thing to do for the little boy and gestures like these make you believe in the humanity.

The non-profit organization spent around 200 hours designing and building the Star Wars vehicle. Daniel’s mother Jessica Thomas was overwhelmed with emotion with the gift and she said:

“There were definite tears! Definite tears… And being able to see the look on his face when they took the cover off, and he got to see it, was amazing. The things that they do and just out of the goodness of their hearts that they do these things is so amazing.”


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