British Self Driving Cars Are The Future

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Self Driving Cars In The UK

The UK’s Department of Transport has set some new rules for self driving cars, which the launch of a new Automated vehicle technologies testing: code of practice.

The new rules are designed for company’s that wish to carry out self driving car tests on the public roads throughout the UK.

This document provides guidance to anyone wishing to conduct testing of automated vehicle technologies on public roads or in other public places in the UK. It provides details of recommendations for maintaining safety and minimising potential risks.

The code applies to the testing of a wide range of vehicles, from smaller automated pods and shuttles, through to cars, vans and heavy duty vehicles.

Some of the new rules include that the self driving cars have to capture and store data whilst traveling on the roads, in a similar way that a flight recorder does on a plane, you can find out more details at the link below.



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