Broken Age Gameplay Trailer is Utterly Beautiful, Elijah Wood Revealed as Voice Actor

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Double Fine Productions’ Broken Age debuted at the Spike VGX Awards, with boss Tim Schafer appearing to showcase the game’s utterly gorgeous yet simple art style and gameplay elements along with some short introductions to the characters. Check it out above.

Broken Age is a Kickstarter-funded project, which saw the developer raise over $3.5 million to develop it with the help of backers. As of now, the game has been split into parts and includes renowned voice actors such as Jack Black and Elijah Wood.

It’s deceptively simple but wonderfully presented. Schafer also revealed that you can switch between both characters at any time, with the first half of the game arriving in January. So expect the second part over the course of 2014 or by early 2015 at most. What are your thoughts on the game? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more announcements from the Spike VGX Awards.

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