BUBBLE BOBBLE 4 FRIENDS Is Coming To Nintendo Switch!

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A new Bubble Bobble game is in development in 10 years! Even insane is that it is being made by Taito, the company that originally made the gaming sensation. Taito has had an amazing history of which you can hear about here in AT’s awesome write-up! Taito has been bought by Square-Enix for many years now and nothing has really been developed by the company in the last 10 years. 

A new Taito game is coming at last and it is Bubble Bobble 4 Friends! This new game in the Bubble Bobble franchise is looking to start off the signature gameplay of the games before. Things are going to be taken up a notch however as Bubble Bobble’s signature co-op mode is being expanded from 2 players to 4! Bubble Bobble 4 Friends is set to release on both physically and digitally on November 19 for Europe. In North America, the release won’t be done till 2020 for some unusual reason. Either way, I am just excited to see a new Bubble Bobble and Taito game in general and can’t wait!


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