BubbleLick Edible Bubble Kit

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 BubbleLick Edible Bubble Kit

The kids will surely have fun creating cool, flavored lickable bubbles. The adults will have a blast with incredible alcohol bubbles. Be creative with cool fun games for kids and adults, such as catch the bubbles in the air or lick them where they land.

Create Your Own Flavored Bubbles From Your Favorite Beverage. Blow, Catch & Lick Those Incredible Bubbles!!!

Perfect for Parties, Wedding & All Events. Fun For Kids & Adults. Enjoy Endless Laughter. Let Your Imagination Run Wild. Be Creative. Be Experimental. Test Different Beverages. Share Your Experiences.

The idea for BubbleLick started with an innocent question from Rilina (9 years old) and Dylan (7 years old). T

hey asked: “Why can’t bubbles be lickable and made from any liquid?” A simple question but not an easy task. Nevertheless, with the help of their father and months of research and testing, they have finally created a safe and nontoxic formulation which they called BubbleLick.

You can buy it from here.


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