Bucharest is Preparing to Host The International 10 – Will There Be a Happy End?

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The Swedish authorities decided to not cooperate, so Valve had to search for a new venue for The International 10 as quickly as possible. In such a way, the company chose the Romanian Bucharest, however, the schedule of the tournament had to be postponed to the middle of October. But due to the spread of the new coronavirusstrain (Delta), there is a concern that Romania might be locked down for quarantine in autumn. So there should be other options to host TI10.


Manila or other city in Southeast Asia

The capital of the Philippines has already hosted the Major –everything went well back then, so why doesn’t Valve do it again? Players were met with enthusiasm there and if it is possible to deal with the entry rules, everything might be in the best way possible. The other interesting options in the region include Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The Major took place in the last one relatively recently, in spring, and it went smoothly.



The entry rules are very complicated in China but Riot Games has managed to successfully organize its main tournament of the year –so why doesn’t Valve learn from this experience? If the Chinese authorities are open to the partnership, it will be possible. Moreover, TI 9 was hosted in Shanghai, the company Perfect World can also be asked for help this time, it will be way easier to deal with the Chinese authorities this way.


Technically, the easiest way to organize the tournament is to carry it out in Europe but there are difficulties with entry rules in many countries. Germany is frequently called the main option, namely, Cologne, the city which hosted the very first TI. Returning to the roots would be symbolic but the players from Russia, for example, will not be able to visit Germany, according to the regular rules. Consequently, Valve will need to deal with it here too.

Many tournaments took place in Europe, so various cities can be assumed for TI: Copenhagen (it is also mentioned), Birmingham, Bucharest, Katowice, etc.

Moscow or Kyiv

The other two European cities are considered to be the candidates to host TI and stand out for our viewers. Major Dota 2tournaments have already taken place in both of them, they had their own pros and cons. Big tournament operators work in both cities (Epicenter in Moscow, WePlay, and Starladder in Kyiv), and they are ready to help Valve to organize TI and solve the issue of bringing esports men to it.

At the moment, we are waiting for TI10 in Bucharest. This option was not among the most discussed ones but it seems obvious now: one of the leading tournament organizers, PGL is based in Romania, it has already helped Valve to host TI and there were large tournaments in Bucharest. Besides, there is a modern stadium, which can include 55 000 people, and it hosted the football matches of the European Championship with viewers and the situation with the coronavirus becomes better.

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