Bud Light Revealed Its Own Next-Gen Console

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Bud Light BL6

Bud Light has revealed its own next-generation gaming console, and it is for the better cause. It is called The BL6, it is a new “console” that the beer company says “won’t overheat or spew smoke … even if you like to vape near it.”

Dubbed the “coolest console ever,” the BL6 comes with a “high-powered gaming PC” that comes pre-loaded with many Bandai Namco fighting games like Tekken 7 and SoulCalibur VI, along with RBI Baseball 20 and Broforce. It has its own specially designed controllers that have the BL6 name engraved.

The new console is cooled by Bud Light puts it, “A one-of-a-kind first-ever beer cooling system.” The console also comes with a 720p ASUS projector so you can play games on the go or wherever and whenever.

The BL6 will be hard to get, as it’s only marketed through an auction on, with very short availability. The current high bid is already above $1,800 USD. Bidding will run until November 20.

This is not for big money but Bud Light will be donating all the proceeds to the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation‘s “Change is on the Menu” campaign. This is aiming to help support restaurant workers which are affected by COVID.

Bud Light also published a spec sheet that matches the BL6 to “The X” and “The Five,” and the chart is amusing.

Bud Light BL6


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