Build And Defend Your Home In THE UNEXPECTED QUEST

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Building a place for your character to live and flourish within their virtual world is a thing that many enjoy while others would favor to focus on action and protecting a town. In the upcoming game, The Unexpected Quest, players will have to keep both of these aspects as they explore, build, gather, and fight for their home! Set to come out on Steam later this year.

Players will be given a world full of forests, bayous, and snow-capped mountains to explore with creatures varying from friend to foe to encounter. These explorations can be for sightseeing, but they also serve the purpose of gathering materials to maintain your homes, such as food, gold, and wood. With decent resource management and collection, you will be able to grow your town in any way you see would best suit it. Once you are able to sustain your town, it will be time to rent experienced soldiers, upgrade their gear and let them defend what you have made or search for magic items and other treasures.

Management and resources seem to be the main feature of this game world, but made up the right way and you will see yourself in a nigh relaxing Medieval fiction setting of your own composition.

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