Build Your Own Art Deco Weather Forecast Gadget

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Art Deco Weather Forecast

Checking the weather forecast is always recommended before going out. Maker Bob Murphy has built a new electronic weather forecast display in the style of Art Deco and using the Adafruit piTFT connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero W.

Full instructions on how to build your very own revealed to the website. Bob explains a little more about the inspiration behind the Art Deco weather forecast display. Classed as an easy build that should take about 2 hours to complete thanks to the instructions given by Bob. Once built it can be easily added to a wide assortment of different casings including 3D printed, wooden, recycled or pre-manufactured cases.

“While building the deco-inspired miniz, I added a deco clock face as an option. I also wanted to add a weather feed as a separate screen. Unfortunately, I couldn’t add weather – that used too much memory on the raspberry pi zero W. After the miniz was complete, I kept thinking of the impressive clocks, especially one by Gilbert Rohde for Herman Miller. Would be nice to build a clock taking design cues from that Rohde clock. Hmn. A clock is light-weight, memory-wise. Maybe fit a weather display in there, too?”

Check out the website below to know how to make one for yourself.


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