Builders of Egypt Looks Stunning In The New Trailer

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Builders of Egypt

Builders of Egypt is a historical city builder where you’ll need to nourish towns and turn them into a metropolis, build pyramids and get into the special military squabble up and down the Nile. It has a remarkable resemblance to Impressions Games’ Pharaoh and its spiritual successor, Children of the Nile, something I’ve been waiting for for 10 years. Watch the brilliant trailer below, the game looks polished and solid.

We have been waiting for 11 years but after all the wait I have to say graphics look incredible—the more realistic world might not be as colorful as Pharaoh’s, but Builders of Egypt is still looking stunning and crisp. Otherwise, it all seems like a normal city builder.

Builders of Egypt

You need to build houses for the people in your city, gather resources using special buildings which can produce different goods for the city, store everything in yards so they can be distributed all over the city and build huge monuments that tower over everything else in the city.

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