Burnie Portable Campire

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Burnie Portable Campire

Light your Burnie once and you’ve got fire.

Burnie weighs around three pounds. It’s 100% natural—all wood, zero chemicals.

When you’re done, the Burnie burns itself out. No waste. No cleanup.
And its great for the environment.


With Burnie, it’s never been easier to grill your favorite foods on the go.
Enjoy hot dogs, burgers, s’mores, fish, steak, kabobs, veggies and
more—all flavored with the smoky goodness of natural alder wood.

Fishing, hunting, hiking, beach days, festivals, tailgating and backyard fun. At less than three pounds, the Burnie is easy to take along on every adventure.

Body and charcoals made from 100% alder wood.

Removable wick lights quickly and easily with a single match.

Nothing artificial to ruin the flavor of your food.


– Burn Time 1.5 hours
– Weighs 3 lbs


– Burn Time 2.5 hours
– Weighs 5.5 lbs



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