Burnout Paradise Remastered Coming in 4k, Trailer Revealed

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Burnout Paradise Remastered

Open-world games were becoming a thing back in the 2000s, Burnout Paradise joined the concept splendidly into a city-wide racing game that had a wide range of tracks, game modes, and vehicles, and gave more fun per mile than any other arcade driving games of the time.

Now, it is been 10 years and now it is making a comeback in the form of a 4K 60fps remaster for PS 4 Pro and Xbox One X – it also comes up with the 1080p revamps for older versions. The multiplayer action, original soundtrack, and with all of the 8 DLC packs, and all 150 vehicles for you to destroy.

Check out the comparison images which are showing the fresh textures, Burnout Paradise Remastered well worth your time and money and fans will love it for sure, as well as newcomers alike. Its pedal-to-the-metal gameplay, damage system, and sprawling environment made pure fun, all the new paintwork and the improved gaming system will definitely bring back some good memories.

Burnout Paradise Remastered arrives on March 16 for $40; you can pre-order it from here, or start playing on March 9 with an EA Access membership.

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