Buy an Xbox Series X Console, Get Diablo 4 for Free

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Diablo 4

During the Black Friday in July Sale, Dell has introduced an exciting offer that gaming enthusiasts won’t want to miss. For a limited time, they are offering the Xbox Series X Diablo 4 console bundle at an incredibly discounted price of just $499.99. This bundle, which usually retails for $559.99 and maintains the same price at other retailers, presents exceptional value for gamers looking to dive into the next generation of gaming.

The Xbox Series X is an impressive gaming system that belongs to the current generation of consoles. With its remarkable capabilities, it can deliver stunning 4K gaming experiences at an impressive 120 frames per second. In fact, it surpasses its competitor, the PlayStation 5, in terms of raw power, making it the preferred choice for gamers seeking the best performance. When games are compatible with both consoles, they often perform better on the Xbox Series X, thanks to its superior hardware and advanced features.

In comparison to its sibling, the Xbox Series S, priced at $300, the Xbox Series X boasts even more powerful hardware. This enhanced hardware enables the Xbox Series X to run games in glorious 4K resolution, while the Series S is designed for 1440p gaming. Moreover, the Xbox Series X includes a built-in disc drive, allowing gamers to enjoy their favorite 4K Blu-ray movies and physical game media. The Series S, on the other hand, lacks this feature, focusing solely on digital content.

The Xbox Series X Diablo 4 bundle is particularly enticing for gamers eager to embark on thrilling adventures in the highly anticipated Diablo 4. This compelling game is included as part of the bundle, essentially making it a free addition to the purchase of the Xbox Series X console. Diablo 4 promises to deliver an immersive and dark fantasy experience, filled with intense action, deep storytelling, and cooperative gameplay. By securing this bundle, gamers can immediately dive into the world of Diablo 4 and experience the next level of gaming entertainment.

Please note that the aforementioned deal had initially expired, but due to popular demand, it has been reinstated, giving customers another chance to take advantage of this remarkable offer. However, given the limited duration of the Black Friday in July Sale, interested buyers are encouraged to act quickly to secure their Xbox Series X Diablo 4 bundle for the discounted price of $499.99.

With this fantastic offer from Dell, gamers can enhance their gaming setup and elevate their gaming experiences to new heights. The Xbox Series X Diablo 4 bundle presents a remarkable opportunity to acquire a cutting-edge gaming console and immerse oneself in the thrilling world of Diablo 4, all at an unbeatable value.


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