Why You Should Buy an Electric Bike (Or Convert a Manual One)

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Electric Bike

As you may have been aware of by now, electric bikes are sweeping cities everywhere, with enthusiastic cyclists and new riders alike joining the trend in growing numbers. This innovative technology features a battery-powered motor that mounts onto a front or rear bike wheel – depending on the type of bike – which supplies additional power to the physical pedals. This means that riders can derive all of the health benefits from a traditional bike while enjoying the additional benefit of added motor power for hills, longer distances, and sweat-free commutes.

Of course, the people who ride electric bikes swear by them, and anyone who tries one falls in love instantly. So why should any new or experienced rider consider an electric bike or conversion kit?


Health Benefits

You’re probably thinking: “how can an electric bike provide any exercise at all?” Many people imagine that electric bikes are like mopeds, which scoot riders along without the need for any physical exertion. Some of the more powerful electric bikes are capable of this, but it is ultimately a misunderstanding of what an electric bike is. An electric bike motor is meant to supplement rider power; you can still pedal your bike, and you can exert as little or as much energy as you want when you ride.

In fact, because electric bikes are zippy and fun, they encourage people to use them even more frequently. As the New York Times reported, a study by the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that a group of sedentary riders improved on several health indicators, and the riders enjoyed using the electric bikes and got more exercise as a result.

Electric bike riders report better aerobic fitness, better blood sugar regulation, less body fat, higher energy, greater happiness and less stress, and other encouraging results of their daily workout. People seem to love riding their electric bikes, and their health and psychological well-being improve as a result.

Electric Bike

Commuting Power

As an alternative commuting option, electric bikes provide a welcome release from many of the daily pressures that commuters face. Thanks to the electric motor, you can climb steep hills and travel significant distances without breaking a sweat, so you can arrive at work without having to change or shower. With an electric bike, you get a good dose of sunshine and fresh air on the commute, and you don’t have to worry about being cooped up and stressed out in a car, waiting in a long line of traffic. You also don’t have to worry about parking, so you can arrive at work refreshed and mentally focused. No need to fret overpaying for all that gas too, which as it happens, helps greatly to pay for your electric bike.

As a healthy and clean commuting alternative, electric bikes are much better for the environment, and they help to reduce traffic congestion. Riding an electric bike is not only physically and mentally healthier, but it also contributes greatly to the civic wellbeing in general, with less congestion, pollution, and social stress.


Convert a Manual Bike

At this point, you may be just about sold on an electric bike, but aren’t these things kind of expensive? It is true that many standalone electric bikes are a little on the pricey side, but there is a way around the sticker shock too.

There are electric bike conversion kits out there that you can buy, which allow you to easily transform your old bike into an electric bike. These kits are much cheaper than your average electric bike, and they work on almost any type of bike. These kits are very easy to apply to traditional bikes: you just install the motor, mount the battery and throttle on your bike, and then run a couple of cables through your frame and you’re done. You have your electric bike at an affordable price. Now, there are a number of companies, like LEED Electric Bike, that provide high-quality electric bike conversion kits and systems.

A converted electric bike provides all of the benefits that a standalone electric bike provides. With different models and battery types, you can pick one depending on the kind of power and ride you’re looking for.


Innovative and Inspiring

The electric bike is an exciting innovation that is winning over commuters and dedicated cyclists all over the nation. The health benefits and commuting options that an electric bike provides are impressive, and this is not an exhaustive list of the benefits these bikes provide by any means. If you are worried about high prices, there are conversion kit alternatives that are more than reasonable. All of these are great reasons to pick up an electric bike and start riding!



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