Buy The Strucker Watch From Marvel’s WANDAVISION

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Strucker Watch

If you rememeber the commercial from the WandaVision advertising the Struker watch. Now, Marvel has now made that watch and are trying to sell it to you.

As seen during the in-episode spot in Episode 2 of the series, the Strucker Watch is a very real thing, and you don’t even need to go to Westview to snag one for yourself. The gold tone watch features the familiar Strucker name on the face, with “Hydra 1000” below in green,  and a tiny Hydra symbol, too.

You know what they say — a man is never fully dressed without two important accessories: his special lady, and his Strucker. Strucker: he’ll make time for you.

You can buy the Strucker watch at Hot Topic for $19.90.


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