Buying Guide of 11 Military Watches of 2019

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Military Watches of 2019

History mesmerises the present. Everyone has a fascination towards something related to the past. The watch collectors love to have old military watches in their collection. Everything about military watches is unique from toughness, design to reliability. These watches were designed keeping the fieldwork into account. Military watches had a character, appeal to be a source of inspiration. We’ve got the best military watches guide to take a tour back into the history.


  1. Weems Second-Setting Watch

American Lieutenant Commander Philip Van Horn Weems originally designed the Second-Setting watch for celestial navigation. The idea was to check the error ratio between the radio signals and timekeeping. It was successful in reducing navigation mistakes.


  1. WWI Trench Watch

The WW1 witnessed the birth of wristwatches to extensive use along with several other things as a result of the war. The German navy was the first ones to use wristwatches. Pocket watches were useful to track the number of artillery shots fired but limited the use of both hands at the same time. The return of soldiers to homes introduced a new accessory for men- Watches. Women were considered to have been promoting them before that.


  1. 6B/159 Navigator Watch

Most of the military watches have a history with the war. WWII saw another model produced by Longines, Omega and JLC for RAF Navigators. The 6B/159 Navigator Watch oversaw war and rebuilding time to make it to the current times to tell its tale. You can find some of these watches in good condition in the market. The Longines Military Heritage resembles it. You can check the model if you miss the original one.


  1. The Dirty Dozen

The name signifies its history and life-cycle. Twelve different Swiss manufacturers came together to build military watches for the British MoD (1945). Each model manufactured by a different manufacturer had a signature style. You could find one of the 15,000 models manufactured if luck is on your side.


  1. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

How wartime brings innovative thoughts into practice is a mystery? The history of military watches has offered us a clue. The scene was WWII, and the French Secret Service was working on developing a perfect dive watch model. You can find modern, advanced versions of the watch today. The company develops them to carry on the tradition.


  1. Monopusher Chronographs

A military watch with a single button to operate the start, reset, and stop function. The British MoD placed an order to Lemania, Breitling and Rodania (1940-1950). The RAF pilots, submarine officials, and sailors used these watches. Military watches have a rich past telling us of the struggles and bravery of people of those times.


  1. Smiths W10

The Smiths 10 stands out in the crowd of military watches. Developed by renowned clock-and-watchmaker Smiths, it became a masterpiece. The development phase took it from 1960 to 1970, making it an all England-made parts representing its social culture. The members of the Royal Air Force and Army used it back then.


  1. Rolex Mil-Sub

The British Ministry of Defense received Rolex Submariners for testing purposes. The revamped versions 5513, transitional 5513/5517 shared the title of the best military watch collectively. The dial had a circular ‘T’ to denote the presence of Tritium Lume. The Milsubs offered accurate timekeeping under the water, spring bars, and sword hands, etc. You’ve got the option to buy the best military watches, and Milsubs is definitely at the top of the list.


  1. Marathon Navigator

Marathon first manufactured the model based upon a request by the Kelly Air Force Base (1986). The information they had is to develop a watch that can be used by pilots and paratroopers. These models are light in weight, accurate. The performance of the watch has been its unique selling point. It has been leading the market for the past three decades.


  1. Benrus Type I and II

Benrus designed the model based on specific requirements. A dive watch for the U.S. military to have water-proof functioning under 1,200 feet. The Type I and Type II had different specifications. The company developed a different model based on Type II to meet the demands of professionals working in a different field.


  1. Seikosha Kamikaze Watch

Seiko had a different branch, Seikosha, manufacturing clocks, and watches. The brand manufactured watches for the Japanese military from 1930 to 1940. The Kamikaze pilots had the model on their wrists before the last flight they took off. There are not many models left behind. There are so many questions and doubts left unanswered. There’s no valid source to verify the tale.

Military watches have a rare sense of pride, honor. A watch collector or any person with a fascination for history would find the tale behind some of the military watches unimaginable. Military watches make for a separate case on the shelf where you keep your personal belongings. The popularity of these models can be measured as some models have been in production since the beginning. The war period and innovations made in the military watch section points towards the kind of advancements made by some countries during that period.

Anyone looking to buy military watches should read reviews and gather information on different models. You can browse military watches by hotrate to find all information in one place. There are certain aspects or features which make military watches different from other wristwatches. The specific requirements or instructions make the underlying difference. The beauty aspect of military watches is beyond comparison. Military watches have a significance in modern culture. The popularity of wristwatches in today’s world is dependent on how people used watches and the contribution watches had in wartime. From serving soldiers in the battlefield to making a part of personal brand accessory in the modern world, the journey of wristwatches has been a truly inspiring tale. The next time you look at your wristwatch or buy a new one, you should think about its history for once.


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