Caavo Media Box is Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV All Roll Into One

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If you are tired of switching devices to watch your favorite movie or a TV program, then you be happy to know that there is a new gadget coming to solve this problem of yours, it is called Caavo. It is an all in one media box which got all the services of Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and more.


Caavo is still under development and is expected to be priced at around $399 when it launches offering eight HDMI inputs that allow you to plug-in anything from an Apple TV or Amazon fire to your Roku hardware.

Caavo is a simple box. You plug all your entertainment devices into it, and control them with an even simpler remote. But that’s just the beginning. It’s the combination of this hardware with a software layer and user interface on your TV that makes the experience remarkable. Caavo unifies your entertainment world and gives you organized and searchable access to everything you have or want, both locally and in the cloud. For the first time, home entertainment is unified into one system and one screen, all controlled by an easy-to-use remote.

Caavo connects your pay TV, streaming, and gaming into a single, beautiful box that will look great in your living room. Caavo brings all your favorite apps, live TV and DVR into one simple interface so you can easily find what you want to watch or search it all. Caavo makes all your TV easy to access with a simple voice-enabled remote (your game controllers and old remotes still work too).

Caavo is a new media company that is unifying home entertainment. By connecting pay TV, streaming, and gaming, Caavo brings together all your devices, services and control. They work together seamlessly, making it easy to find and play all your favorite TV.

Check out the video below to know more about the product.

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