Call of Duty Best Weapons Recommendation

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Weapons are a very important part of first-person shooters. They attach themselves to a player’s screen all of the time and work as the main means of communicating with the gaming world. As a result, weapon variety is supreme in any fast-paced FPS game.

Call of Duty is no exception, it comes with dozens of weapons for gamers to experiment with and choose their own loadouts according to their playing style, loadout includes, Rocket Launchers, AR-15s with scopes, shotguns, and all sorts of sidearms.


5. HDR

HDR warzone

Sniper rifles are key in the game and they exist in Modern Warfare, ranging from the Dragunov to the excellent HDR.

Snipers are not just it, There are many other ranged guns like the SKS or EBR-14, but the HDR sniper is the best of the best in gunfights. In “Ground War” or some large-scale maps, the HDR can immediately kill targets because it comes with a high damage profile and near-hitscan bullet speed if you install the Pro Barrel to it. In Warzone, this is the best sniper gun.


4. RPG-7


Rockets are very deadly in any game and in Warzone, RPG-7 is a destructive secondary weapon that can kill players very quickly not using E.O.D. in every game mode.

In Warzone, a mode that almost triples gamers’ health. Amped and if you install it, it will reload on this weapon quickly which can come in handy in the heat of the battle, the damage range and damage itself is phenomenal, and its ammo supplies are very high. Whether someone is killing players or someone’s killstreaks, the RPG-7 is the champion of all.


3. PKM


This is one of Modern Warfare’s underrated weapons and it is the PKM. If you want to use an LMG, the PKM gives a very high-handling psycho killer.

The Snatch Grip which comes as an exclusive to the PKM is one of the awesome attachments in the game, allowing ADS speed while also decreasing recoil of the gun and gives you better aim. A large100-round magazine can be with a high-mobility custom construction that allows the PKM to work as a heavy assault rifle that is useful at most ranges and its killstreak is superb. This gun is an awesome weapon to have in the game when you in need of bigger magazines and lots of killing power.


2. M4A1


This is the best of best in the assault rifles. The M4A1 is a killer weapon in any game and in every Call of Duty game it’s been in is a deadly weapon to have, and nothing matches the power of the M4 in Warzone.

It has awesome damage, amazing range, and absolutely no recoil, it has an above-average reload time which comes in handy, and a large range of Gunsmith options finish into a weapon that has become the Modern Warfare meta. It has lived in many people’s loadouts for a long time and has remained Modern Warfare‘s many shift changes. It is the most common loadout, the M4A1 with the MP5 makes a loadout that exceeds everything. There are not many loadouts that can match the power of this incredible duo.


1. MP5


This is the weapon of choice for many gamers, and many consider the MP5 is very overpowered and this is for a good reason. This weapon is equal to most assault rifles and it comes with a deadly punch.

Assault rifle comes with an extraordinary range and joins it with the movement and fire rate the greatest SMGs are known for. The MP5 is the best for short-range conflicts. If you pick the correct attachments turn this gun into an absolute death machine that can challenge people in almost every non-Ground War map. if you can train yourself to its initial kick with each trigger pull, the MP5 will turn into something your opponents will be scared of, the key is training and practice with the weapon.



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