CALL OF DUTY Developers Talks About Hugely-Popular WARZONE

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Activision has published that 30 million players have been playing the Warzone since its release earlier this month, and in the newest Call of Duty video, developers explain what innovations they brought to the battle royale genre and what makes Warzone so unique and fun like never before.

Warzone features two diverse modes—Battle Royale and Plunder—and each of them features a scale and level of activity that hasn’t been seen yet in the shooter genre. 150 players on one map. An economy system for upgrading gear and redeploying teammates. Contracts to set goals in-game. And the stockpile of guns specific to Call of Duty.

It’s an awesome list, and the current player count is even more majestic. The triumphant launch of the game may be helped by the current events, but it’s a powerful start for Activision and for Warzone.


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