Call Of Duty July 4 Operator Bundle Sells Similar Gun As Warzone 1

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Call Of Duty

Leading up to the Fourth of July weekend, Call of Duty has introduced an exciting new addition to their in-game shop: the patriotic “Tracer Pack: Butch” operator bundle. This offering presents an appealing choice for players who wish to celebrate Independence Day while immersed in the thrilling worlds of Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2. However, some astute gamers have quickly noticed that one of the weapons included in this bundle bears a striking resemblance to a past holiday gun from Warzone 1.

The Tracer Pack: Butch operator pack encompasses a total of nine items, featuring the Butch operator character, two weapon blueprints, the Soaring Eagle vehicle skin, a remarkably muscular eagle weapon charm, an Active Duty operator slot for DMZ, and more. This festive bundle is priced at 2,400 CoD Points ($20).

Among the items included, the Dawn’s Light weapon blueprint for the M4 assault rifle has sparked some controversy. Players have pointed out the striking similarities between this blueprint and the one featured in Warzone 1’s July 4 bundle, known as the 1776 blueprint for Modern Warfare 2019’s M4A1 assault rifle.

Additionally, it’s important to mention that this operator bundle incorporates Call of Duty’s recently criticized “pay-to-win” DMZ bonus effects. The Butch operator is equipped with a complimentary UAV at the beginning of every match, providing a significant advantage in the DMZ game mode. Both weapon blueprints also offer a 15-minute weapon cooldown bonus.

Call of Duty’s shop bundles have generated considerable attention and scrutiny. In a recent incident, Activision removed content creator TimTheTatman’s operator bundle at his request. Tim took this step after Nickmercs, another content creator, made an anti-LGBTQ tweet that resulted in the removal of his MFAM operator skin from Call of Duty. These instances have sparked discussion and debate within the gaming community regarding the handling of such situations by the game’s developers and publishers.

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