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Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comes with some amazing new mechanics and re-imagining classic strengths. Most of the huge-ticket items are easy to see, but the core changes to gameplay are deserved a mention.

There is so much to learn and discover, Modern Warfare could be one of the most profound Call of Duty game ever, though it can sometimes be daunting to keep track of what actually values and what’s just selling fluff.

Luckily, we’re here to help. In the suggestions below, we’re going to show some of the biggest tweaks to the gameplay you need to pay attention to, and how classic features have developed. This is surely multiplayer-focused, so don’t worry about spoilers of the game.


Don’t Always Use Super Sprint

Super Sprint is a completely new mechanic in Modern Warfare. By default, the super sprint is turned on by double-clicking on the left stick. As the name implies, this makes your character run very fast, though not without some drawbacks.

The huge and most prominent is the sprint out time. Related to walking or regular sprint, your weapon will take the longest to be able to fire when you come out of a super sprint. If you round a corner in super sprint, you’re not going to have sufficient time to respond to the oncoming fire. Super sprint is also limited by a stamina meter, which means you won’t be able to use it 100 percent of the time.

Super sprint is fully used to rush an objective, such as in the early moments of the stage. It’s also brilliant for escaping a bad fighting position or tracking down an enemy.


You Can Change Your Guns And Loadout In The Middle of the Game

This is the best of Modern Warfare’s new features. Now, whenever you want, you’re able to choose your loadout mid-match. This goes for all the things in your loadout, including weapon customization as well as perks and your field upgrade.

This is excellent when playing Ground War, as you’ll usually need a rocket launcher of some kind to take care of a troublesome tank or an advancing streak. If you don’t usually run rocket launchers on your loadouts, all it needs is a few seconds to get one in.

This also typically allows you to set up classes for your various slots rather than loadouts. Think about creating different loadouts about perks and field upgrades rather than weapons.

Modern Warfare

A Gunsmith Can Really Make Things Worse

Modern Warfare comes with different weapons attachments. Each gun has around 50-70 levels of improvement that will dole out many scopes, stocks, barrels under-attachments and more as you go further into the game. If you get caught up in building the best-looking gun, you may end up hindering the weapon’s performance.

The large majority of attachments in Modern Warfare all have pros and cons, simply listed when you choose them. Consider this correctly before getting it on.

Sprint out times – the time it takes your character to bring up the rifle after sprinting – is also a significant element influenced by your choice of attachments. Pistol and stippled grips, help with this, but at the cost of perfect shots.


Get Cosy With The Doors To Your Advantage

Doors, Now I know how absurd this may sound, are a great deal in Modern Warfare. Very much they are in battle royale games, doors can be opened and shut, and the game will learn their state.

In Modern Warfare, you can point down your sight and correctly open the door for a slow peek, making enough space for a grenade/flashbang to get thrown in. Though it can be difficult to stop and examine in the heat of the moment, it gives to be at least aware of how doors can be used in the game.

When a door is opened, No matter by force or slowly, players on the other side will actually hear it. This is an excellent way to gather intel on an angle you may not be watching, such as a back door into an objective room in the main Headquarters.

Closed doors can also indicate a camper on the other side of the door, so approach carefully and try to go in slowly rather than sprint through. This is a tactic Blackout and PUBG players will know too well, but it’s amazing to see in the traditional Call of Duty multiplayer game scenario.

On a few maps, such as Piccadilly, stores will have anti-theft doors that beep whenever a player passes through them. Again, this is amazing when it’s down to the wire in Headquarters.

This is How New Minimap Works

There was no minimap at all, a choice that only survived two days of the beta. Then, we got a bargain to please both camps.

In the final release of the game, the minimap is always on in core game modes. The most important change, however, is that players firing unsuppressed guns will not show up on it by default. Calling on a personal radar or a conventional UAV will start the periodic scans that show those red dots.

Without these killstreaks, the map will only show your team players. Of course, if you just use a personal radar – since it’s more comfortable to earn – the minimap scans will only be apparent to you. Only the standard UAV will show the scans for all on your team.

This should make it worthwhile to run with unsuppressed weapons, seeing as you’re not 100 percent guaranteed to show up on the minimap for everyone on the enemy team.

Modern Warfare

Killstreaks are Back

Infinity Ward brought back killstreaks even after huge backlashes. By default, the only way to earn streaks is to get the needed kills with your gun.

Although you will be able to change this behavior with the aid of perks, such as the one that turns them into scorestreaks, everyone will start out on the default gun streak method.

If you played the COD franchise before then you must know why killstreaks were abolished, to start with. The summary is that objective modes such as Domination and Headquarters experience as a result of this since placing your life on the life to achieve a capture doesn’t lead you to your next streak.

Just watching sightlines and picking up kills is a tactic many people will rely on, leaving only a few to make a drive for the objective. We’re not here to advise you how good/bad this is, but just to let you know that it is back!


Spec Ops is a Perfect Way to Grind Out Weapon Levels

Modern Warfare’s several Spec Ops modes, whether it be Missions, Operations or the PlayStation exclusive Survival are all excellent ways to rank up your various weapons in a nearly risk-free environment.

Infinity Ward revealed a lot about consistency in the experience, and having regular weapon/character levels is part of that. If you like some certain guns need a few attachments to get the most out of them, jump into Spec Ops and rank them up before coming back to multiplayer.

Co-op modes are usually an excellent possibility to get intimate with the characteristics of the game’s various tools, such as getting to know weapon recoil, so don’t pass up the chance to get more useful alongside others.

Modern Warfare

In War, Vehicles Make for Perfect Anti-Streak Weapons

Ground War is the most important mode currently in Modern Warfare. It will support up to 64 players, the mode offers a totally different adventure for players accustomed to the standard 6v6 action.

One of Ground War’s main attractions is transportations, available for any player to ride around and control. Vehicle weapons aren’t limited by ammo, so you can definitely use them to lock down some sections of the map if you have the help of your teammates.

But something several players may not realize is that their guns are strong enough to knock even the most difficult killstreaks out of the air. Though it can be exciting to line up the shot – thanks to the heavy third-person camera angle – when you eventually do it, you can shoot down any and all air streaks.

This is more reliable than pulling out a rocket launcher, so don’t be scared of jumping in one just to take down a killstreak.

Try New Aim Assist Options

Modern Warfare gives a few new and unconventional ways of aim assist when using a controller. Go into the game’s options, and you should see new options for aim assist under controls.

The in-game tooltip gives a reasonably good job of describing what each of them does, but it’s best to try them out for yourself. As a mouse and keyboard gamer, I saw some of them very important in getting me to exactly land my shots when using a controller, but more expert controller players may find them too limiting.

Modern Warfare

Cross-play is a Brilliant New Feature

Modern Warfare comes with cross-play between all three platforms. This did not only means you’re forced to run into players on other consoles, but it also suggests you can party up with your mates on any of the other systems so all of you can get into the same game using different consoles.

Matchmaking will only arrange you with others using the same input method, so the keyboard and mouse players on consoles will be competing with PC players by default, and controller gamers on any platform should only come across other gamers with the controller.

This only crashes when someone in your party is using a mouse and keyboard. At which point the game may choose to launch you into a diverse lobby.

A big side effect of this is that PC players can use a controller before trying matchmaking in order to play facing controller players on consoles. You won’t be able to change back to mouse and keyboard in the middle of the game, however, and this goes for all gaming platforms.

The Call of Duty player support on PC has traditionally been less compared to consoles, so cross-play is a great way to increase the life of the game on PC. PC lobbies won’t be as boring or empty as they are now when anyone can use a controller and get in with console players.

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