Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ Complete Guide

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Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ mode

This guide presents an in-depth view of the newly introduced DMZ game mode in Call of Duty Warzone 2. Our article covers a complete DMZ walkthrough, including the game mode’s particularities, unique rewards, tips, and tricks to make your gaming experience smoother.


Table of contents

Here is a breakdown of our article’s topics:

What is the DMZ in Call of Duty?

Why should you play DMZ?

Is Call of Duty DMZ free to play?

Can you play DMZ solo?

DMZ maps

DMZ inventory

How can you extract in DMZ?

Contracts, Strongholds, World activities

DMZ Factions, Missions, and Rewards

How to make money in Warzone 2 DMZ?

Call of Duty DMZ Unique Rewards

CoD DMZ Tips and Tricks


Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

What is the DMZ in Call of Duty?

DMZ is an extraction royale game mode added in CoD Warzone 2.0, inspired by the Escape from Tarkov game. During the DMZ matches, you are placed in random locations on a massive open-world map, where you have to fight against AI enemies and other real players to complete missions and exfill loot in a PvEvP environment.

This game mode mainly focuses on objectives completion and looting more than PvP. You have a limited time window to collect supplies, complete faction missions, and defeat bosses before extracting. You only have one life in this mode; however, you can be rescued by your teammates.


Why should you Play DMZ? 

The main reasons why you should play DMZ matches:

–        Obtaining amazing rewards such as double XP tokens, emblems, loading screens, etc..

–          Unlocking unique weapons: M13B and Chimera

–          Unlocking lots of blueprints

–          Leveling up your weapons

–          Learning new tricks in Call of Duty

–          Just having a fun game together with some friends or even alone.


Is Call of Duty DMZ free-to-play?

Absolutely. Once you own an Activision Account with CoD Warzone 2.0 license, you will have free access to the DMZ game mode.


Can you play DMZ solo?

The answer is yes, you can play this game mode solo, but it can be very tricky. To play solo, you must turn off the Squad fills option from the Warzone 2 DMZ menu, and you will be thrown into the map on your own.

However, it’s very hard or almost impossible to extract without a teammate’s support or to survive for a long time in a DMZ match because this game mode is based on team and communication.  To make things easier, you can use kboosting.com to play alongside professional players and get the best CoD Warzone 2 boosting service ever.


How many players can join a Warzone 2.0 DMZ match?

You join the DMZ matches as a lobby of 3 players. You can either play with 2 of your friends or alongside 2 other random gamers with whom you can communicate on the game chat. The maximum number of players in a DMZ match is 22 teams of 3 players, but also, on the map, you will fight AI enemies.

Communication and teamwork are the keys in the DMZ to accomplish your objectives successfully. You can communicate on the chat and also help other players from other teams to succeed together.

DMZ maps & inventory 

DMZ maps

There are currently 2 maps available in Call of Duty DMZ game mode: Al Mazrah and Building 21.

Al Mazrah map

Al Mazrah map

The main map in DMZ is called Al Mazrah, where you can find 18 points of interest to collect helpful items, kill AI enemies, defeat other players, or extract the loot.

To open the map, you must press Caps Lock or the M key on your keyboard. In terms of fast traveling, you will save a lot of time by moving around the map using the many vehicles you find everywhere, such as ATVs, Hatchbacks, SUVs, Tactical Vehicles, or Trucks. 

Building 21 map

Building 21 is the latest map added to Call of Duty DMZ mode. To access this map, you need a specific keycard that can be found in the caches on the Al Mazrah map. Building 21 map contains the following 3 floors:

  • Basement (the first floor)
  • Office (second floor)
  • Laboratory (third floor)

Al Mazrah map

DMZ inventory

Your DMZ inventory consists of two parts: On Soldier equipment and the backpack.

The On Soldier equipment contains an armor vest, gas mask, kill streak, and a self-revive. In your Backpack, you have lots of space to collect stuff from the chests that can be extracted later. If you successfully finish an exfill, you can take the extracted loot with you in the next matches.

Before you drop into DMZ, you must first prepare your operator with equipment. You can start a match with two contraband weapons, two equipment pieces, armor plates, and a gas mask, but if you cannot extract them, those items are permanently lost, except when you add one into an Insured Slot. You may also bring a lethal, tactical, and field upgrade with you on any DMZ run, which will not be lost if you die.

Warzone 2 

Insured slots

Insured slots help you secure your weapons in case you die or fail to extract them. There are in total three insured slots in the DMZ. The first one is unlocked from the beginning, the second one is unlocked by completing all Tier 3 missions of every faction, and the third one is unlocked once you complete all Tier 5 missions of every faction in the game.

Failing to extract with an insured weapon will punish you by making it unavailable for 2 hours, but the cooldown can be reduced by extracting cash.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 cod

How can you extract in DMZ? 

There are 3 extraction points shown on your mini-map where you can go and try to extract the gear you collected any time during a DMZ match. It would be great to take an armored vehicle to reach these areas because before trying to exfill, you have to check the territory.

If the extraction area has a green flare above it, it means some other players are already there. So it would be good to camp in a safe zone to search for them and if you don’t spot anyone, drive around the extraction area with your vehicle for a while before jumping in the green smoke to ensure that no one attacks you.

If the extracted area is safe, interact with the green smoke to call in your chopper and immediately jump back in your vehicle to be safe until the helicopter arrives. As soon as it lands, jump on the helicopter with your squad, and it leaves after five seconds if everyone is on board.

After the helicopter leaves, the exfil zone becomes inactive. In the last phase, after all 3 exfils become inactive, another plane lands very close to the edge of the map.

WARZONE Season 4

Contracts, Strongholds, World activities

You can accept and complete the following side objectives during a DMZ match to receive extra rewards and valuable prizes:

  • Contracts
  • Strongholds
  • World Activities


Contracts are shown with green phone icons on the map, which consist of completing several easy tasks during a DMZ match. Once you find one, it leads you to a small phone that you need to use to accept the contract. Completing this task will award you a good amount of money & XP.

In the following table, we present the 9 main contracts that you can do in DMZ and their rewards:

Contract Rewards
Secure nuclear material 3500$
Raid weapon stash 5000$
Eliminate high-value target 5000$
Deliver Cargo 10000$
Ship Cargo 10000$
Destroy Supplies 7500$
Hostage Rescue 5000$
Secure Intel 5000$
Hunt Squad 3500$


Strongholds are shown with castle icons on the map, which consist of significant buildings where you can find the most important loot and a large amount of cash. To enter such a building, you must find Keycards in the chests on the map, looted from NPCs, but they also can be bought for 5000$. However, it’s not easy to get into strongholds and just collect the rewards because they are guarded by AI soldiers that will attack you once you get closer.

Warzone 2

World activities

World activities are side objectives that can be completed during a DMZ game. Here is a list of World Activities that can also be found in Al Mazrah:

–          Safes

–          SAM Sites

–          UAV Towers

–          Hidden Caches

–          Strongholds

DMZ Factions

DMZ Factions, Missions, and Rewards 

There are 3 factions in the DMZ mode, and their main objective is to complete their given tasks. Each faction consists of 4 or 5 tiers with many objectives to achieve, and you can activate only 3 missions before you enter a game.

The three factions available in the Call of Duty DMZ game mode are:

  • Legion – Easy missions (complete all 4 initial missions to unlock White Lotus).
  • White Lotus – Medium missions (complete 6 missions in Legion & White Lotus to unlock the next faction).
  • Black Mous – Hard missions (the final faction).


Faction missions rewards

In the following list, we present the rewards you can get by completing faction missions:

–          Double XP tokens

–          Contraband weapons

–          Special loading screens

–          Calling cards

–          Emblems

–          Keys for specific zones inside the map


How to make money in Warzone 2 DMZ?

There are multiple ways to get money in the DMZ. The best money-making methods in the game are:

–          Completing Contracts

–          Completing Factions Missions

–          Selling Watches, Laptops, Liquors, or Hard drives at the buy station

–          Finding money in caches (specifically in Strongholds)

You can spend the money on the following:

–          Reduce the cooldown for your insured weapons

–          Buy Keycards

–          Convert the currency into XP

Call of Duty DMZ Rewards

The following 2 weapons are unique rewards that can be obtained exclusively from DMZ matches.



M13B is a classic Call of Duty Assault Rifle, and you can unlock it if you defeat the Chemist (Al Mazrah  PvE boss),  loot, and extract his weapon.

M13B Blueprint 

M13B Blueprint 

The M13B weapon blueprint is called Health Hazard. You unlock this blueprint when you kill The Chemist for the first time.



Chimera is an Assault Rifle added recently in Call of Duty that can be obtained by extracting it from DMZ’s new Building 21 or through multiplayer.

Chimera Blueprint

Chimera Blueprint

The Chimera weapon’s blueprint is called Silver Tox. You unlock this blueprint by extracting 6 Weapon Cases from Building 21.

Chimera Blueprint

CoD DMZ Tips and Tricks 

We’ve prepared some Tips and Tricks that can help you succeed in a DMZ game:

–          Make a plan with your objectives before entering a match.

–          Don’t focus on being the last one standing. Exfill after reaching your goals.

–          Coordinate and communicate with your squad.

–          Only keep the high-value loot in your inventory.

–          Don’t start unnecessary fights with AI enemies.

–          Try to keep your distance, don’t play too close.


This wraps up everything regarding the Call of Duty DMZ game mode. By reading our guide, you should now have a clear image of what DMZ is, how to play, what rewards you can obtain, or tips and tricks to master the game. Thank you for taking the time and reading our article.

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